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Well, I mentioned in my other post that I am now convinced that Twelve is the Doctor. But yes, I enjoyed this episode. It’s a different take on Daleks, one that’s not all “ex-ter-min-ate” but very good regardless. And the line at the end—it’s “You are a good Dalek,” not “You are a good Dalek”  as in season one. 

He’s really rather good isn’t he? A whole new Doctor for me, as I’m not very familiar with the classic doctors. I’m so interested in where they’re going with his story line!

There’s a wide range of characterization for the classic doctors. i mean, there is a core set of traits, but how different actors express those is fascinating. And even within a single Doctor, the different between One in “Unearthly Child” and “Tenth Planet” or Six in “Twin Dilemma” and the Big Finish “Doctor Who and the Pirates” is amazing.

Identity accepted: Twelve is the Doctor

While I didn’t mention it in my Deep Breath review,  I wasn’t entirely connected to Twelve by the end of the episode. Because he came back for Clara, I knew he could be the Doctor, but I hadn’t had the moment of “ah!” just yet. 

Well, I’ve had the aha! moment.  And it came in the second episode.  Twelve rescues a pilot by materializing around the ship. So far, standard heroic behavior. But when threatened by the pilot, he corrects the way she threatens him. It felt rather 8, actually, particularly Night of the Doctor. And it rounded off with him showing no sympathy for Journey’s brother, which put him more in line with early 1 and aspects of Six.  

Not to mention the line “she cares so I don’t have to” later in the episode. Ten and Eleven have demonstrated fairly human approaches to emotions and morality; it seems that Twelve, while still concerned about right and wrong, is going for ‘good is not nice.’ A force of nature, a storm gale that waters and slays indifferently. 

I can’t wait for more.

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Friendly reminder that the Death Eaters had a seating chart

Like, they all had specific spots in the circle and when some of them were missing they left spaces for those people because they knew exactly where their spots were. 

Just imagine Voldemort pouring over that thing like “Dammit. I can’t put Alecto next to Crabbe or she’ll spend the whole time staring at his biceps… And speaking of Crabbe, he and Goyle really should be next to each other, so that they can help each other follow everything. And maybe I’ll put Nott next to them just in case. Nott’s patient enough with them… And Black is dead so I can just put Avery’s boy in that spot. Should I give away traitors’ spots? That seems like bad luck. Maybe I should just close the ranks there and open up a new spot… Hm… Rodolphus and Bella have been next to each other in the circle for years, but they’re getting married. Should I separate married Death Eaters? No, Rod and Bella will be fine. But if I keep them together, does that mean I have to keep all married couples together? No. I never said that I’d be fair with them. But Rabastan! I can’t put Rabastan next to Barty or they’ll never stop talking…”

Imagine Voldy keeping a paper-copy of the circle in his pocket and studying it before meetings because everyone’s going to be wearing a mask and he can’t risk forgetting someone’s name or mixing two people up. 

I just… Death Eater seating chart


Just in case you didn’t know Death in Blackpool is available free to listen to on iplayer here for five days.


Just in case you didn’t know Death in Blackpool is available free to listen to on iplayer here for five days.

Big Finish: Sarah Jane Smith


I still need to listen to the second season. Yes, I know it ends on an unfinished note, for the excellent reason that Sarah Jane was brought back to TV who so her audio series was scrapped.

These audios are so obscure, I’m not always certain I like their X-files tone with SJ being (justly) more bitter and paranoid, and one episode had a shockingly offensive Evil Gay Man villain, nevertheless…

Natalie. Woman in a wheelchair being Sarah Jane’s mole, intelligence gatherer, and expert hacker friend. Nat rocks, and I’m sorry she’s not better known in the Whoniverse.

Also, Sarah’s sidekick Josh is great. Sarah plays the Doctor-role, he plays the classic Who companion role. Whereas I suppose Nat is the Brig, providing intelligence-gathering instead of firepower.

…And I totally didn’t buy the Sarah Jane Smith audios simply to get Josh Townsend’s speaking patterns into my head so I could write Lasarti (same voice actor, and he used the same mannerisms for both of them)


every time sarah jane smith is included in a companions photoset/post, a timelord gets their tardis

tuesday interludes ??/whenever the hiatus ends

aka “i didn’t know we could get into this much trouble without being drunk” 

So, on one of their midnight supply runs, the team picked up some generic pop without looking at the label.

The next morning,  Skye stumbles out of bed and looks in the mirror to see this:

 She starts yelling and everyone pokes their head out of the door.





Fitz (okay, it’s not just a penguin, it’s a shape-shifting alien who prefers to look like a penguin. Bonus points to anyone who knows who this is)

And they go and look at the pop:

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